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Kratie of Kracheh is located 150 kilometres northeast of the capital Phnom Penh and has a population of 20,000. The town has a relaxed character, looks very village and rural and has some nice sights in store for you. Of course the tourists come here especially for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin. Where is the best place to stay? How do I get there and what are the main sights of Kratie? Then read on…

Mini Travel Guide Kratie

Accommodation – Where to stay in Kratie?

Sights – 4 places of interest in Kratie

Transportation – How to get to Kratie?

Kratie and Koh Trong
Koh Trong, the island in the Mekong River near Kratie

Accommodation – Where to stay in Kratie?

Kratie is a nice and small town along the beautiful Mekong River. Most hotels and guesthouses are located along the Mekong River and are within walking distance of the bus station in the south of Kratie. For people who want more peace and quiet there is the option to stay on Kaoh Trong, an island in the Mekong next to Kratie. See the map below for more information about hotels and guesthouses.

Tip: A special place to stay is at Le Tonlé Guesthouse. This guesthouse was founded with the idea to give homeless youngsters a chance by working in the service and the kitchen. And it has to be said: the food is really delicious! Le Tonlé Guesthouse has both private rooms and dormitories available. But book in time, because this accommodation is quite popular! It is also possible to rent bikes here and book tours to the Irrawaddy dolphins.

Looking for accommodation? Click here for hotels or guesthouses in Kratie

View on Kratie from Koh Trong
View from Koh Trong on the Mekong River and the centre of Kratie

Sightseeing – 4 sights in Kratie

Kratie is not a special place when it comes to the sights. For that you have to be in the area with a number of interesting places. You can arrange a tour, but also rent a scooter/motorbike or explore the area by bike/mountain bike.

1. Spot the Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong

Irrawaddy Dolphin Mekong Cambodia
A statue of the Irrawaddy dolphin

10 kilometers north of Kratie in the Mekong River swim a rare group of dolphins, the Irrawaddy dolphins. These unusual animals are threatened with extinction and there are currently just under 100 dolphins living in the river. Luckily they seem to be doing a little better in recent years. From the quay you can rent a boat, but be careful not to get too close and the motorboat will cause a nuisance. And otherwise there is a nice way to greet them yourself (see below).

With the Kayak to the Irrawaddy dolphins?
For a unique experience you book a tour with the kayak to the Irrawaddy Dolphins. Sorya Kayaking Adventures & Cafe and Dolphin Kayaking Adventures in Kratie can arrange these tours for you.

2. Cycle around at the littel island of Koh Trong

Koh Trong agricultural island
A friendly atmosphere on the island of Koh Trong in the Mekong River

From Kratie you can already see the island of Koh Trong. This agricultural island of a few kilometers long is nice to explore for a few hours. With a boat you cross the river where you can rent a bike or a horse and cart for a dollar. This way you’ll come across a number of temples and a floating village. There is also the possibility to spend the night in Rajabori Villas Resort, in Arun Mekong Guesthouse or at locals’ homes in a homestay.

Koh Trong Kratie
A map of the island of Koh Trong

3. Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre

20 kilometres north of Kratie is the village of Sambor. In this town is the Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre, a shelter for turtles. This is a small-scale centre for special turtles. Don’t imagine too much of it: the complex is quite small and needs funds from tourists. Besides a video you only get to see a few turtles. And if you are in Sambor you can also see the nearby 100 pillar pagoda.

4. Relaxing and swimming in the Mekong River

Kampi Rapid Mekong Cambodia
Wooden cabins with hammocks to relax. That’s Kampi Rapid!

When you visit the Irrawaddy dolphins on your own you can take a break in the village of Kampi and swim in the Mekong River. This place, called Kampi Rapid, is located on a quiet part of the Mekong River on which a number of wooden houses have been made. And to finish it off there are hammocks everywhere to relax. Especially many locals come here and it will cost you a small fee to use the many huts. Kampi Rapid is located 1 kilometer north of the place where you can spot the Irrawaddy dolphins.

Kratie Cambodia

Transportation – How to get to Kratie?

Bus: Kratie is only a small town along the Mekong and has a small bus station in the south. From there it is a short walk to your hotel or guesthouse. To explore the area you depend on renting a scooter/motorbike, a bicycle/mountain bike or a tuktuk.

Next destination?
Continue your journey to Phnom Penh, Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) or towards Laos for the 4000 Islands!

Zonsondergang Kratie Cambodja
Finally, enjoy the beautiful sunset

And what is your opinion about Kratie, Cambodia? If you have any more tips and ideas, feel free to leave a message below…

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