Sen Monorom Travel Guide: 5 sights, accommodation and transport

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Sen Monorom is a village of 8000 inhabitants in the province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia. It is located 400 kilometers east of the capital of Phnom Penh near the Vietnamese border and is mainly known for the Elephant Valley Project. But Mondulkiri province has much more to offer: waterfalls, the local Bunong people and a beautiful hilly nature! Read more about it in this mini travel guide about Sen Monorom, Cambodia.

Mini Travel Guide – Sen Monorom, Cambodia

Accommodation – Where to stay in Sen Monorom?

Sights – 5 places of interest in Sen Monorom

Transportation – How to get to Sen Monorom?

Sen Monorom Mondulkiri
View over Sen Monorom and the surrounding area

Accommodation – Where to stay in Sen Monorom?

Unfortunately, there are still not many tourists who go to Sen Monorom. And this while there are plenty of nice hotels, hostels and guesthouses in the village. And in general, this accommodation is cheap and therefore very affordable. For people who still want a bit of luxury there is the Mayura Hill Resort 1 kilometer south of the center.

Looking for accommodation? Click here for hotels or guesthouses in Sen Monorom

Furthermore, Sen Monorom has a number of nice restaurants and bars where you can enjoy Cambodian food or a nice beer. For people who would like to help the locals: in the Hefalump café English speaking people are regularly asked if they would like to have conversations with locals in order to improve their English. In addition, this is the place to be in the morning for a day of walking with the Elephant Valley Project (advance booking required).

The centre of Sen Monorom
The centre of Sen Monorom, a village of 8000 inhabitants in Mondulkiri

2. Sights – 5 attractions in Sen Monorom

What’s going on around Sen Monorom? Below is a top 5 of the best attractions of this small town. The easiest way to see many of the sights is to rent a scooter/motorbike. Another option could be to rent a tuktuk or book a tour at one of the small travel agencies in the centre of the village.

1. Elephant Valley Project, sanctuary for elephants

The Elephants of the Elephant Valley Project
The Elephants of the Elephant Valley Project

Elephant Valley Project was founded in 2006 by the British Jack Highwood. The idea behind it is to allow elephants, who have worked hard by lugging through trees or carrying tourists in this park, to be real elephants again. And as a tourist you can do your bit by spending half a day or a whole day watching and listening to the stories about these special animals.

Would you like to know more about the Elephant Valley Project? Read the article Elephant Valley Project | Yes or no? | Mondulkiri, Cambodia.

2. Bou Sraa Waterfall

Bou Sraa Waterfall in Mondulkiri
Bou Sraa Waterfall in Mondulkiri

The Bou Sraa Waterfall, 25 kilometres northeast of Sen Monorom is one of the most extraordinary waterfalls in Cambodia. It consists of two floors, where it is also possible to swim and bathe. The upper waterfall falls 10 meters down, the lower one even 25 meters. Access to the waterfall costs 5000 Cambodian Riel.

Bou Sraa Waterfall Mondulkiri Cambodia
From the top of the second floor you look down on the cottages with blue roofs where you can relax and unwind.

3. Sen Monorom Waterfall

Sen Monorom Waterfall
A small waterfall, but great for swimming and relaxing a bit

This waterfall can be visited on foot from Sen Monorom, as it is located about 2 kilometres east of the centre. It may not be the most spectacular waterfall you have ever seen, but it is certainly suitable for a nice dive. Entrance to the waterfall is free of charge.

4. Wat Phnom Doh Kromon and Hill Top Pagoda

Sen Monorom Mondulkiri
View and sunset from Wat Phnom Doh Kromon

For views over Sen Monorom and surroundings go to Wat Phnom Doh Kromon and the Hill Top Pagoda. You should also be here for a beautiful sunset behind the hills of Mondulkiri. This temple is located about 3 kilometers north of the center and is free to visit.

Wat Phnom Doh Kromon and Hill Top Pagoda
Hill Top Pagoda

5. Coffee Plantation and Coffee Residence Restaurant

Coffee Residence Restaurant Mondulkiri
Enjoy a delicious coffee in the Coffee Residence Restaurant

The Coffee Plantation and Coffee Residence Restaurant is located 4 kilometres northeast of the centre of the village. Enjoy a delicious coffee in the restaurant which is situated along a beautiful lake. In addition, you can always ask the owners for an explanation about the coffee processing process.

Transportation – How to get to Sen Monorom?

Airplane: Sen Monorom has no airport of its own, only a kind of military airfield which is hardly used. The best option is to come to Mondulkiri via Phnom Penh.

Bus: The distance from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom is about 400 kilometers. This means that you have to be on the road for at least 8 hours to get here. Therefore it would be a better option to go to Kratie first than to continue to Mondulkiri. From Kratie it is about 4 hours by bus and from Banlung, northeastern Cambodia it is about 3 hours by bus.

Next destination?
Continue your journey to Kratie or Banlung in northeastern Cambodia!

Sunset Mondulkiri Cambodia
The beautiful sunset behind the hills of the beautiful Mondulkiri

And what was your opinion about Sen Monorom? If you have any more tips and ideas, feel free to leave a message below

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